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Home Buying After Foreclosure or Bankruptcy- How Long Until I Am Eligible?

Only a few short years ago, the Denver Market was flooded with short sales and foreclosure properties for sale. The bankruptcy rate in Colorado was still fairly high then. Many people lost their homes during that time and have been renting since then. With the current tight rental market and rising rental rates, they may now be wondering, “How long until I can buy again”?

The answer is “it depends…”. Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sales and Deeds-in-Lieu are all called, “derogatory credit events” in the lending world. The waiting period before you are eligible for a new home loan will vary depending on: which type of “event” you had, the circumstances that lead to it, and the type of loan you want to get for your next house (VA, FHA or Conventional).

The lending world breaks down these events types even further: Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu, Short Sale, Multiple Bankruptcies, Chapter 7 Bankruptcies, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.

VA seems to be the most forgiving of these derogatory credit events. With VA financing, the buyer is eligible for a new loan only one year after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The wait period for the other types of events is only two years.

For FHA, the wait period for Chapter 13 bankruptcies is also after one year of on-time payments and approval from the bankruptcy court. It is 2 years for a person having a Chapter 7 or multiple bankruptcies, and 3 years for a Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu, or Short Sale.

Conventional Loans tend to be less forgiving. Wait periods range from 2-7 years depending on the type of event. After the wait period is up, the buyer may also be required to come with a higher down payment amount for their new loan.

The following chart, provided by the Wynn Team with Citywide Loans, provides a “short and sweet” visual summary of the waiting periods required for each circumstance and loan type.  Here is the link to the chart:

Derog Waitng Period for mortgages

Buyers should keep in mind that even if the waiting period has elapsed, lenders still make loan approval decisions based on credit scores and debt-to-income ratios. The waiting period is an added requirement.

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June 2013: Denver Metro Real Estate Stats

There were almost 12% more homes for sale in June 2013 than the previous month of May. Perhaps this is in response to the shortage of homes for sale compared to last year (number of home available this June was 16% less than June of 2012). But even with more inventory this month, we are still seeing homes “flying off the market” compared to last year (the number of days on market is about 43 days- which is 40% less time than last year in June). And good news for sellers- the average sold price of a home in the Denver Metro Area is still on the rise. The average sold price of homes sold in June was $349,339 for Residential Dwellings (Detached & Townhomes)- that’s up 7.66% over this time last year! For Condos- the average sold price in June was $198,040- an increase of 9.07% over last June!


Source: Denver Metrolist, 06/01/2013-06/30/2013.

May 2013: Sales in The Ranch & Ranch Reserve

Attached Dwelling Listings

  Type Price Status SqFt Style Beds   Address Office
  ATD $90,000 S 856 1 Story/Ranch 2   2978 W 119TH Ave MBGOL
  ATD $150,700 S 1275 1 Story/Ranch 2   2927 W 119th Ave 102 0RWST
  ATD $171,000 S 2031 1 Story/Ranch 2   11585 DECATUR St D 1HOME
  ATD $177,000 S 1396 1 Story/Ranch 2   2883 W 119th Ave 204 0153B
  ATD $213,000 S 2178 2 Story 2   2229 RANCH Dr CC123
  ATD $228,000 S 2178 2 Story 3   2285 RANCH Dr MBN61

Total Number of Attached Dwelling Listings: 6

Residential-Detached Listings

  Type Price Status SqFt Style Beds   Address Office
  RES $320,000 S 3616 Tri-Level 4   11224 QUIVAS Loop MBN17
  RES $332,000 S 2757 Tri-Level 4   2336 W 118TH Ave M1558
  RES $356,250 S 3670 2 Story 6   2657 W 118TH Ave KWR30
  RES $445,000 S 5520 2 Story 5   11420 QUIVAS Way MBN41
  RES $690,000 S 4529 1 Story/Ranch 5   2184 W 116TH Ave M1842

Total Number of Residential-Detached Listings: 5


Total Listings Reported (All Types): 11

Source:  IRES data 05/01/13- 05/31/13.  Properties above were listed or sold by the real estate brokerage offices shown.  Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

The Ranch Reserve: March 2013 Sales Activity

The Ranch Reserve:  Attached Dwelling Listings

Price Status Address Office
$88,900 A 2978   W 119TH Ave MBGOL
$139,900 A 2882   W 119TH Ave WURR1
$167,000 A 2927   W 119th Ave 102 0RWST
$179,900 A   / B 2883   W 119th Ave 204 0153B
$173,500 S 2971   W 119TH Ave 101 REM36
$178,500 S 2883   W 119th Ave 12-201 0RITZ
$206,000 S 2877   W 119th Ave 102 0INTV
Total   Number of Attached Dwelling Listings: 7

The Ranch Reserve: Residential-Detached Listings

Price Status Address Office
$625,000 A 2751   W 114TH Ct RMW10
$675,000 A 2593   Country Club Ct FRON
$997,500 A 11550   N Decatur St LLEG
$1,395,000 A 2788   W 115th Dr 0CRSS
$2,490,000 A 2391   Ranch Reserve Rdg LLEG
$750,000 A   / B 2811   W 114TH Ct CBR56
$785,000 A   / B 2877   W 115TH Cir REM12
$750,000 P 2811   W 114th Ct FRON
$337,500 S 11655   Decatur Dr 0KWPR
$500,000 S 11403   DECATUR Ct NEW06
$675,000 W 2593   COUNTRY CLUB Ct CBR56
$785,000 W 2877   W 115TH Cir REM12
$1,099,500 X 11235   Clay Ct AFPB
Total   Number of Residential-Detached Listings: 13

Total Listings Reported (All Types): 20

Source:  IRES data 03/01/13- 03/31/13.  Properties above were listed or sold by the real estate brokerage offices shown .  Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


Here is the real estate sales activity in The Ranch subdivision for March 2013.

THE RANCH:  Attached Dwelling Listings

Price Status Address Office
$220,000 A / B 2229 RANCH Dr CC123
$228,000 A / B 2285 RANCH Dr MBN61
$319,000 A / B 11276 RANCH Pl MBN41
$220,000 W 2229 RANCH Dr CC123
Total Number of Attached Dwelling   Listings: 4

THE RANCH: Residential-Detached Listings

Price Status Address Office
$325,000 A 11877   Wyandot Cir 0CRSS
$328,900 A 11804   VALLEJO St WURR1
$337,950 A 11240   QUIVAS Loop BC001
$499,900 A 11615   QUIVAS Way CBR56
$519,900 A 11388   QUIVAS Way KWR80
$550,000 A 1740   W 115TH Cir REX01
$559,500 A 11871   Bryant Cir FRON
$675,000 A 2593   Country Club Ct FRON
$995,000 A 2440   COUNTRY CLUB Loop PRMR1
$320,000 A   / B 11224   QUIVAS Loop MBN17
$334,000 A   / B 11261   QUIVAS Loop MBCDR
$339,900 A   / B 11482   Quivas Way MBD2X
$749,900 A   / B 2184   W 116TH Ave M1842
$334,000 P 11261   Quivas Loop 0CDRL
$495,000 P 2256   COUNTRY CLUB Loop CBR18
$283,900 S 2394   W 119TH Ave 00118
$365,000 S 11334   QUIVAS Way RMW01
$750,000 S 2333   COUNTRY CLUB Loop REM12
$337,950 W 11240   QUIVAS Loop BC001
Total   Number of Residential-Detached Listings: 19

Total Listings Reported (All Types): 23

SOURCE: IRES 03/01/2013 TO 03/31/2013, sales activity in The Ranch Subdivision.  The listings above may be listed or sold by other real estate brokers.

Denver Area Market Activity, March 2013

Market Snapshot chart, March 2013

March sales data for the Front Range continues to show strength in the local real estate market.  Supply of homes continues to decrease.  The number of “actives” on the market is down 35% from this time last year, and even down over last month.   Demand is also up over last year (and last month) as indicated by the increase in the percentage sold and under contract.

The number of “pending” sales is down.  In Metrolist (the Denver-area MLS, and source for this data), the “Pending” category is usually reserved to indicate a sales contract that has been accepted, but is awaiting signatures or requires third party approval.  “Pending” might indicate a verbal agreement, but not signature on a bank-owned property.  “Pending” would also indicate a property that is awaiting a lender’s approval for a short sale.

The percentage of Pending properties has decreased since February, and since this time last year.  This could be an indication that there are fewer distressed sales since this time last year (fewer lender-owned and shortsales).

Days on Market (DOM) is down.  Days on Market is the number of days between the listing date and the date the listing goes under contract.  On average, homes are selling nearly 35% faster than this time last year.  Sold prices continue to climb.  For all Single Family homes, the average sold price is up nearly 14% over last year.

What does all this mean for you?

BUYERS:  If you are thinking of buying, don’t wait too long.  Prices are rising, and have been rising nearly every month for the last year.  Be prepared to act when you see a house that will work for you.  There is a lot of competition for homes in this market (there are fewer of them,  and what is there gets snatched up quickly) so be prepared by being pre-approved for a loan before you go out looking.  Being pre-approved will make your offer appear stronger to a seller, and will increase your chances of getting the home.

SELLERS:  If you are selling, be prepared for a relatively quick offer.  Overall, the stats indicate that you should be under contract within 60 days or so.  However, depending on the price range you are in, it could be much faster than that.  Once under contract, expect to close the sale within 30-45 days.

If you have any questions about the market and how it will affect your home buying/selling experience, feel free to  contact me with any questions, using the form below.

* This information is based on information from Metrolist, Inc. for the period (03/01/13) through (03/31/13). Note: This representation is based in whole or in part on content supplied by Metrolist, Inc. Metrolist, Inc. does not guarantee nor is in any way responsible for its accuracy. Content maintained by Metrolist, Inc. may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

Real Estate Market Stats for Denver Front Range, February 2013

Snapshot, Feb 2013

The housing market in the Denver Metro Area is still going strong!  The supply of homes for sale is down over this time last year by about 33%.  Demand is up (homes are selling in about ¾ of the time it took last year).  As expected when there is less supply and higher demand, sold prices are also up (11% over this time last year)!

For Sellers this is great news, as the trend means homes continue to re-coup some of the equity they lost after the mortgage crisis of 2007-2008.

For Buyers, the stats indicate that getting a home under contract is getting to be a bit more challenging.  Since there is less supply, there will be more competition among buyers for the homes that are available. And the “good ones” (and even some not so good ones) will be snatched up by those buyers who are ready to place an offer quickly, and those who have their financing in order.

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