Westminster Public Art Project- Are You Artistic?

rock painting flyer0001

Looking for a creative outlet? This Saturday could be just the chance you have been looking for to let your “inner artist” come out to play!  The Members of the Paletteers Art Club are inviting members of the community to paint rocks!  Yes, you heard right- paint rocks!  The painting project will take place on Saturday, July 27th from 10 am to 4:00 pm at the Aar River Gallery at 3707 W 73rd Ave in Historic Westminster, Colorado.

The painted rocks will be placed throughout Adams County in parks, trails, and landscaping around public buildings. Take a look at the photo above to see examples of the rock paintings!  Now’s your chance to help make our county an even more beautiful place to live!  And it is fun for “artists” of all ages.  All supplies will be provided at the event- but you do have to give the rock to the Art Rocks Project (can’t take it home).  Who knows- maybe your friends will be seeing one of your “masterpieces” the next time they take a walk in the park!

Call 303-426-4114 to participate!

Photo and Information Source:  Art Rocks- A Public Art Project flyer.